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Does Korean Skincare Work?

Beauty Crush Skin Why Korean Skincare Cover

Like many avid skincare enthusiasts who love a good product, whether it looks and smells great, touted by celebrities, has pretty packaging or endorsed by beauty gurus, it all boils down to the question: Does the product work?

I have spent the latter part of my adult life wading through the myriad of skincare products that promise so much, but more often than not, fail to deliver. At this point in my life, there is no time, money or patience left for skincare that simply does not work. I was also under the naive impression that if something is expensive it has to be fantastic. Right? Boy was I wrong!

Thousands of dollars spent into my skincare, down the drain. I felt defeated by the fact that I would have to live with patchy, rapidly ageing, bone dry skin. Bearing the signs of 40 years of sun damage and sagging pores (yes, it’s a thing). Oh the joys. Ageing gracefully was nothing like I’d imagined. Until the glassy glow from the heavens came into my life… cue KOREAN SKINCARE.

I was skeptical at first, I had many questions: 

  • How do you use Korean skincare?
  • Does Korean skincare work?
  • Why is it so affordable?
  • Is it safe?
  • Why hasn’t the rest of the world discovered Korean skincare?
  • What is the deal with the rise in Kbeauty and Korean skin care culture in general?
Beauty Crush Skin Why Korean Skincare
Try a mask – part of a 10 step skincare routine

So Does Korean Skincare Work?

Well, for the most part, YES it works! And it works damn fine! My skin has been transformed since converting to Korean skincare. Almost Benjamin Button-esque. (Here’s a little trivia: The movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is actually the inspiration for the name of a popular Korean skincare brand Benton). 

My skin is now more hydrated, plump, bright, smooth and dewy and I cannot be happier along with my family and friends who have also hopped on the Kbeauty train.

Korean Skincare Leading the way

How have the Koreans achieved the status of being the leaders in skincare? My research has led me to discover that their innovation, their passion, their dedication to self care have driven them to be the best. Not only reigning globally, but over a decade in advance of the rest of the world in skincare research.

Koreans perceive self care as an essential, a necessity. Not only with daily skincare products, but also professional treatments in clinics and spas – skin clinicians, doctors and dermatologists. Here in the west, visits to such places would more often than not be seen as a luxury, as they are quite expensive. In Korea, it is affordable and seen as a necessity, hence why the price point is almost always more affordable than its western counterparts. 

The Korean beauty industry is mammoth, with competitive market brands who need to stand out with highly effective products in order to survive the jungle that is the ever fickle beauty consumer.

Korean skincare focuses on the health of skin by encouraging the skin to glow from within. Targeting skin issues by nourishing the skin packed full of high quality, natural and gentle ingredients, all backed by science. It’s affordability makes it even more desirable and easier for you to try multiple products, which brings the fun factor into skincare.

Whether you take baby steps and try a few new products that target your skin concern, or incorporate it into your current routine. Or for those who are  game enough to give the celebrated Kbeauty 10 step routine a go. Whichever you choose, don’t just take my word for it and make sure to try it for yourself to find out why Korean skincare works. I assure you, you will never look back. 

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Written by Cole

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