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Top 5 Skincare Ingredients for Dry Skin

Top 5 Ingredients for Dry Skin

When the weather suddenly changes or when you have been spending quite some time in enclosed air conditioned spaces, you might find your skin becomes dry or drained of moisture. We have all experienced this in our lifetimes, some more than others. That parched, taut, uncomfortable feeling, accompanied with a rough, dull texture that only a good dose of hydration can fix.

More often than not we reach straight for a cream and apply it in the hopes it will instantly refresh and revive, but realistically, that only provides temporary relief. It’s also important to note that many creams and moisturisers are occlusive, meaning they are great at sealing in moisture but if your skin was lacking moisture to begin with the skin underneath will remain dry.

Obviously, some moisturisers are rich in hydrating ingredients, but in this situation, it calls for specialised ingredients in products such as toners, essences, serums and ampoules to come to the rescue. The method of layering is not only effective in adding back moisture into your skin, but it is also customisable so that you can adjust your products to cater for what your skin needs each day, as every day is different.

Keep reading for our list of top 5 hydrating ingredients explained, along with our favourite products in each category.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid sounds scary to those new to it. The word ‘acid’ can be daunting, but rest assured, Hyaluronic Acid is actually something our bodies produce. It is a Polysaccharide, which is essentially a sugar or carbohydrate that has the ability to hold water. This is what gives our skin the plump hydrated look. Injectable fillers are made of this molecule and work the same way in adding structure and fullness to parts of the face. Try these Hyaluronic Acid wonders that will refresh as much as a tall glass of water.

Our top picks containing Hyaluronic Acid

COSRX Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Cream

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Water Essence

Torriden Dive-In Low Molecule Hyaluronic Acid Serum


Touted by many as a ‘cure all’, honey has a multitude of benefits with evidence of it spanning over centuries among different civilisations. Not only is it a deliciously sticky sweet syrup, it is also a fantastic ingredient in skincare. Along with moisturising qualities, it is an antimicrobial, anti fungal and anti-inflammatory.

Top 5 Ingredients for Dry Skin Honey
Honey is an antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory

Its humectant properties means it can draw and retain moisture, making it one of the perfect ingredients to nourish skin, hence why it has been widely adopted in masks, serums, exfoliating scrubs and moisturisers. Give one of these soothingly smooth honey products a go.

This one is for those who are just fatigued from staring into a monitor day in day out! A Work-from-home staple, these ultra hydrating and anti-wrinkle hydrogel patches can be worn at the desk to boost collagen and soothe while you work. When you are done, dissolve the patches in a little hot water to create an extra hydrating essence you can pat into your face for even more hydration.

Our top picks containing Honey

I’m From Honey Mask

I’m From Honey Serum

COSRX Full Fit Synergy Propolis Toner

Snail Mucin

The thought of smearing icky, gooey, slimy secretions from a snail would be enough to turn many of us off Korean skincare all together. That is until we see and feel the benefits. 

Top 5 Ingredients for Dry Skin Snail Mucin
Once you can get past the initial ikky-ness, snail mucin will be your number one weapon

The humanely collected mucin not only moisturises and promotes a radiant complexion from the naturally present Hyaluronic Acid, it also contains glycolic acid, which aids in stimulating collagen production which diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. It also has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties in zinc and allantoin, helping repair the skin barrier. If you still aren’t convinced, give these cult snail favourites a try.

Our top picks containing Snail Mucin

Beauty of Joseon Repair Serum Ginseng + Snail Mucin

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence

Benton Snail Bee High Content Skin (Toner)

Beta Glucan

If you’re after extreme hydration or a product similar to snail mucin but you prefer a vegan friendly alternative, look no further. Beta Glucan is the new kid on the block. This powerhouse ingredient is much like Hyaluronic acid. It is also a polysaccharide (provides structural support), but this type isn’t naturally found in the human body. Instead, it is found in mushrooms, yeast, grains, seaweed, algae and oats.

Studies have shown Beta Glucan can hold as much if not moisture as Hyaluronic Acid, penetratin within the dermis, protecting and repairing damaged skin barriers. Begin your love affair with Beta glucan with these great products.

Our top picks containing Beta Glucan

IUNIK Beta Glucan Power Moisture Serum

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

IUNIK Beta Glucan Daily Moisture Cream


If Ceramides were human, they would easily be a knight in shining armour. This skincare ingredient will always be the one to save you when your skin is in distress, whether it be from chafed irritated skin or something more extreme like sunburn or a retinol burn. Ceramides are a lipid (sometimes known as a fat) that we produce, making up half of our skin’s composition, their sole job is to hold the skin together and keep it as healthy as possible. As we age, Ceramide levels will decrease, especially more rapidly with external stressors like sun damage. They are perfect for rescuing dry and dehydrated skin.

Our top picks containing Ceramides

Illiyoon ATO Ceramide Concentrate Cream

Ample:N Ceramide Shot Ampoule

Krave Beauty Great Barrier Relief

We have already done the hard yards and tested all these for you, so you don’t have to. GET YOUR GLOW ON with these amazing ingredients. Order them now along with our huge range of Korean Skincare.

Written by Cole

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