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Australia's Korean & International Skincare Store Beauty Crush Testimonial 1

‘The change is unbelievable’

I honestly love this site! Been using your products for a while now and have seen an unbelievable change in my skin. Thank you Beauty Crush Skin.
Beauty Crush Skin Testimonial 2

‘They made it so simple’

I’m a busy mum and have no time for the lengthy skincare steps. Thanks for making it so simple for me and us time poor mums!
Beauty Crush Skin Testimonial 3

‘I’m impressed’

My first time using Korean Skincare and I’m impressed. Thanks for the efficient service and product advice, cant wait to try more.


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  1. Australia's Korean & International Skincare Store

    The containers really awkwardly shaped and it’s difficult to get out at times. I’m certain that once I’m done there’ll still be product stuck in it 🙁 it’s an ok lotion so far, a little on the thicker side, but I don’t think I’ll repurchase.

  2. Australia's Korean & International Skincare Store

    First time using a toner so I can’t say how good it is compared to other toners, however my acne is visibly clearing up so I think it’s doing something

  3. Australia's Korean & International Skincare Store

    Not rlly sure why I bought the tester tbh. Will use it once I’ve run out of my current toner, was going to buy the full size but it was sold out 🙁

Beauty Crush Skin was born out of a passion for Korean Skincare products. Have you ever noticed the porcelain-like complexion of Korean women (and men)? Well we certainly did and began importing products in 2020 to improve our own skin. Less than 6 months later we wanted to share the experience with friends and family and the website was created.

There is so much to love about K-Beauty (or Korean beauty) but we think top of the list is the natural and soft feeling you get from it, opposed to other cosmetics which feel like an industrial application. The relatively cheap prices don’t hurt either and you can absolutely not forget the fact that the skincare products are so effective as our beautiful customers have alluded to above in their reviews.

The choice can be somewhat overwhelming with so many great brands originating from Korea. We have done our best to select only the best brands but choosing between them is still quite a task. The good news of course is that there is no wrong selection whether you choose Cosrx, Innsfree, Beauty of Joseon, Krave Beauty or any one of our 30 other brands you will improve your complexion, your confidence and your bank balance.

Korean skincare is more than just wonderful brands and products, it also has a new culture and new approach to skincare. Some of the more famous trends originating from Korea include double cleanse, wearing sheet masks and even spreading snail mucin on the face. In fact, the Korean influence has been so big that skincare now makes up the biggest percentage of beauty products (We like to think that less makeup is required now that skin health has improved in recent years). Skincare is part of Korean culture in a way that would seem strange to us in Australia often labelled as “the skin first philosophy” which has led to such great advancements without increasing the harsh chemicals needed to achieve the positive effects.

Thanks to the explosion of social media personalities and beauty experts as well as the K-Pop phenomenon of bands like BTS and Blackpink not only do we know more about Korean Skincare in Australia but we also have more opportunities and options then we have ever had before.

Korean Skincare Australia

Korean Skincare Australia
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